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FROM THE WALL TO THE WALL! From  Berlin to Jerusalem.

* Video - Jerusalem calls Peace!

At Pentecost in 2009, Elijah Maria-Thomas Joachim Uhlig startet by feet, with a blessed candle, from the German peacechurch in Sanssouci, to give a sign of peace, justice and reconciliation.

As a child of 1989, Elijah saw the Berlin Wall breaking down at the age of 14 years. Now he wants to show, that overcoming walls is possible. Following the way of our history, Elijah will arrive in Jerusalem at Shawuot 2013. Until then, he will have passed about 15 000 kilometres around Europe and Asia. His hope is, that many people will support and also join the mission, because as a peacepilgrim he doesn't want to arrive allone in the Holy Land!

"Having grown near the Berlin wall, which was my schoolwalI, I have experienced the peaceful revolution of 1989/90 as a 14 year old boy. The sight of the candles, burning in the hands of people who were demonstrating in Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and many other East German cities, gave me a longing for peace and justice, for solidarity with the nature and everything, our heart is seeking and hoping for. Beside of that I early had the good fortune that even in the darkest valleys of my life, I felt some little light burning within me, that answered the question "why". I found the answers on the walk and in the midst of the camp of Auschwitz, which accompanied me for years in my heart and spirit. The Trauma of the Holocaust had lain like a heavy ballast in the depths of my nature and - consciously and unconsciously - affected each day of my life.
Because of that the "Never again!" became the life stream in my veins and carried me on the way to Jerusalem. And then, during my walk, it came up, each step made it awaken so that my pain had left. Every tear freed me more. In Ausschwitz, when a Jewish woman and a former German soldier were embracing each other and  drinking from the same cup, during a religious celebration on the death ramp, I could feel the reconciliation also in myself."

If one person tries, it will only remain a dream,
if two, hundreds, millions walk together, the dream will come true.
Let us come together with peace candles!
Let us overcome the walls in our own hearts!
Let us overcome the walls in the Holy Land for peace and justice in the world! Shalom-Salam.

* The video includes one mistake, it had been only about 15 000 km by feet, not 45 000 as they say.