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Jerusalem calls - Peace! Prayer Never again - never again! The path to Jerusalem Jerusalem ruft - Frieden! Jerusalem - Shalom! Jerusalem - Salam! Jerozolimy zwraca - pokoje! Gerusalemme grida - Pace! Jerusalem crie - Paix! Jerusalem pide - Paz! Jerusalem apela - à Paz! ------------------------------------------ Blog christlich-islamischer Dialog Route Fotos Musik Artikel-Archiv Links Donations - Spende Kontakt

O earth, do not cover my blood and let there be no resting place for my cry (Job 16:18).
Peace for the people of Israel, peace for the people of Palestine.
For a life in peace, dignity and justice, in love and reconciliation, in unity with our Mother Earth - God's creation, for all, all people of our earth - true to God's oath to Abraham, His blessing to all generations of the earth (Gen 12:1-3) Never again walls that seperate people, never again walls that separate hearts.
Shalom - Salam!

  • What animates us, you and me?
  • What do we live for?
  • Are we following our most intimitate desires?
  • What do we feel responsible for?
  • Can we look into the eyes of our children, saying: During our lifes, we did what we could have done, to give you a world in peace and without poison and pain?